How to get the message across

– create meaningful stories with a strict user focus

I have seen countless projects and plans designed with the best intentions, and skilled specialists working day and night to shape the best products ever. And I have witnessed them wrapping it up and then call the guys in Communication or in Marketing… who then finds the hair in the soup.

It takes time to prepare good communication. But, too often I see it being the last point on the agenda. It is ‘that thing’ we do just before we launch. It is my sincere hope, that we can change this practice.

Kenneth Ley Milling, journalist

Have a bilingual communications partner in Denmark

If you need a focused communication strategy, a good narrative for your campaign, keen wording following your product or a relevant case story, you have come to the right place.

StoryLoft is an altruistic communications consultancy, focusing on meaningful storytelling and user-friendly communication. The company was founded in January 2021 by journalist Kenneth Ley Milling, who has been working professionally with user-oriented communication for 25 years – in both Danish and in English.

With experience in daily media production, as well as with international corporate businesses and commercial banking, StoryLoft covers quite the broad portfolio.

Whether you are looking for assistance in developing story lines, a steady hand in creating press releases, a plotted manuscript for a video production or a question board for an interview/podcast, help is near.

Teach your staff how to write better

If you think you are a brilliant writer, you are likely not. Even Nobel laureates in literature feels insecure about their writing. Even owners of communication consultancies have to keep practicing every day.

The best way to improve is to practice together, and even though there is no fixed key list or answer book in communication, there are a number of tips, tools and crafts to learn that will help you, getting closer to your audience.

If you want to give your employees one or more writing / communication sessions with a professional writer / communicator, the ‘Loft’ can come to you easily.

Find contact details under ‘Kontakt‘ in the page global menu.

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